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Gating Services, a.s.

Our company offers a wide range of services from consultations and analyses related to ICT infrastructure to deliveries and development of low-current electrical installations and subsequent servicing.

We have successfully realised dozens of installations over the course of our activities in this area. Based on our rich professional experience, we can state with certainty that we can find a resolution for each demand from our customers, including non-standard demands.

AŽD Praha s.r.o
  • Assembly work using the train security system on Prague Metro line B within the scope of the project for a Comprehensive Security System for the Prague Metro
  • Additions and adjustment of the infrastructure of the system for managing city traffic for the Technical Administration of Roadways of the Capital City of Prague
Na Homolce Hospital
  • Building a new fibre-optic backbone network for the entire hospital
Prague Public Transport Company
  • Repair of power supply for data switchboards and ticket vending machines
  • Repairs of the access system in Altex surface locations
  • Adjustment of beacons for the blind
Ministry for Regional Development
  • Reconstruction and expansion of the electric fire alarm and electric security system, emergency lighting and intercom, installation of the evacuation announcement system
Brema spol. s.r.o.
  • Assembly and delivery of low-current systems for accessibility for disabled persons at the Anděl and Roztyly metro stations
  • Assembly and delivery of low-current systems as part of the replacement of escalators


Analysis of requirements in the area of ICT infrastructure.
Replacement and supplying of hardware.
Projects and development of data and of LAN and WLAN.
IT security and communication.

Servers and firewalls are the most important part of the company data network. For your company or project, we will ensure complete administration of server software and hardware. We will take care of regular maintenance as well as replacements if the equipment has already reached the end of its life. You will be able to fully devote attention to your project, and we will take care of your server for you.

Server administration primarily includes:

  • Installation and re-installation of servers and their complete administration, including replacement of defective parts with new ones.
  • Installation of the operating system for the server and configuration of required software (e.g. Web server, database server, FTP server, e-mail server, etc.).
  • All configurations and regular updates.
  • Monitoring of the performance and functioning of individual components, including burdening of the web and database server.

IT administration

Information and communications technology is currently of critical importance for every company. A potential ICT outage can cause the interruption of operations and financial losses. If made possible by the security conditions in your company, requests can be resolved via remote administration. Problem elimination is then faster than the time it takes for a specialist to arrive.

IT administration services:

  • Regular prophylaxis of PCs and servers.
  • Configuration and maintenance of network equipment.
  • Assistance during negotiations with suppliers of software, advice with a focus on optimisation of operating costs, support during decisions about purchasing additional software and hardware.
  • Ensuring on-call service for resolution of emergency situations and urgent matters.
  • Unlimited advice via the Help Desk or by e-mail; diagnostics, consultations and proposed solutions to potential problems with remote connections from various locations among external workers.
  • Creation of complete data back-ups (network repositories and cloud servers).

Structured cabling

Structured cabling is a basic element of IT infrastructure, since it ensures data transfer and mutual communication among PCs, servers, and connection of telephones and VOIP devices. Modern cable systems must withstand the test of time and must be flexible and modular, so that they can fulfil the long-term needs of users.

In this area, we offer:

  • Project planning of structured cabling systems, work performed in various environments, including your company's representative spaces, industrial facilities, hospitals, cultural landmarks and regular office spaces.
  • Assembly of metallic and fibre-optic networks.
  • Performance of certification measuring via certified measuring equipment.
  • Equipping of server rooms with passive and active elements.
  • Comprehensive servicing and upgrading of existing networks.


UPS (uninterruptible power sources) are battery devices which usually function for a short period of time to supply energy in the event of voltage instabilities or during a complete power outage. The purpose of UPS is to protect data and sensitive equipment against damage resulting from unforeseen events in the network, and back-up sources also have an indispensable role in places where an electric power outage can jeopardise health or lives or cause significant material losses. Such areas include healthcare, transport, armed forces, security technology and production organisations.

Services during UPS mainly include:

  • Assistance during the selection of a suitable UPS.
  • Pre-sale and implementation (assembly) services.
  • Prophylaxis – regular service maintenance of UPS.
  • Preparation of a prophylaxis protocol with evaluation of the condition of a power source and recommendation for further operation.
  • On-call service, supervision over functionality (Help Desk).
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

Data centres

A data centre is a truly professional and modern solution for placement and administration of servers, data fields and other elements of ICT infrastructure. A data centre ensures optimum operating conditions (temperature, humidity, powderless environment), the highest level of physical security (protection of entrances, fire-resistance) as well as excellent connectivity to the backbone networks of multiple ISPs and telecommunications carriers.

In this area, we will provide you with:

  • Proposals for technology, project planning and implementation of a data centre (modular, stationary, integrated).
  • Professional server housing, including permanent supervision of data centre technology.
  • Virtualisation of servers and work stations.
  • ICT administration and support.

Price list

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Needs analysis in the area of electrical installation.
Projects, development and management of data and fibre-optic networks.
Supply of structured cabling.
Projects, development and administration of site security systems.
Electric fire alarm systems

An electric fire alarm system is capable of identifying dangerous situations in the most time critical stage of a starting fire. This system enables the immediate transfer of information about the start of a fire to the centralised monitoring centre and directly to the operating centre of the fire brigade, which enables immediate and qualified dispatch and subsequent intervention by fire-fighters and therefore greatly reduces the risk of jeopardy to human lives and health and the risk of property damage.

The offer of electric fire alarm systems is based on address systems, which enable quick and exact identification of a fire and prevention of false alarms. The fully certified systems fulfil the criteria of valid European standards and have the certification of an accredited workplace of PAVÚS, which permits the installation of these systems in building sites.

We offer a comprehensive solution for fire alarms, primarily:

  • Preparation of project documentation and related documents for installation.
  • Assistance with approval of project documentation by relevant bodies.
  • Coordination during resolution of construction.
  • Supply of equipment, assembly and installation, including system configuration.
  • Regular review and testing of functionality based on fire regulations.

We will supply:

  • Two types of addressed analogue central stations (compact and modular solutions with the option of networking).
  • Effective fire detectors and other alarm equipment (sirens, beacons, manual buttons).
  • Conventional and special alarm equipment with the option of connection to the address system via relevant modules, certified fire cables and a number of enhancements.

Security and Emergency Alarm Systems

Security and Emergency Alarm Systems (formerly called the Electrical Security Alarm - ESA). Nowadays, SEAS’s are becoming almost standard devices installed not only at residential homes but especially at company warehouses and premises. Multiple reasons for its acquisition include the concern for the rising level of crime, the associated sense of security it offers as well as the affordability of these systems. The task of a SEAS is not only to detect the violation of your premises by an intruder, but to also draw your attention to such undesirable event. Protection against the risk of fire or explosion is also a standard feature of the Security and Emergency Alarm System.

We offer a comprehensive solution with our Security and Emergency Alarm System, which includes:

  • A bespoke design of the SEAS and on-site consultation to guarantee that an optimal system configuration and its functionality are achieved.
  • Processing of project documentation and related installation documentation.
  • Delivery of the required equipment, its assembly and installation, including system configuration.
  • Connecting the system to the Central Security Desk (CSD).
  • Servicing and annual inspection of the supplied Security and Emergency Alarm System.

Electronic entry control

Electronic entry control is a system that enables communication, management and control over the entry of persons to various premises, ranging from residential and commercial buildings to industrial sites. The access system is generally intended for securing and controlling entry to premises. The primary goal is to eliminate the need for traditional keys and to resolve the opening of locks much more effectively. The access system enables the movement of persons within the premises based on set permissions. The designs of these systems can range from simple, single-purpose equipment to sophisticated intelligent solutions, such as in combination with electronic security systems.

We offer a comprehensive solution for entry systems, primarily:

  • Proposal and consultation regarding systems on-site and selection of optimum system configuration.
  • Preparation of project documentation and related documents for installation.
  • Laying of cable lines and installations, including configuration/integration of the system with the electronic security system.
  • Remote or local administration of the electronic entry control system.
  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing, regular inspection and review of the entire system.

Shared TV antennas (STA)

STA are larger functional units that ensure reception and distribution of TV, radio and satellite channels from a single reception point to all subscribers in the same high level of quality. Shared TV antenna systems very often also enable reception of satellite channels, even by a viewer’s individual receiver. STA are also usually connected to cable TV providers.

Our offer of antenna systems for TV and radio broadcasting includes both elements for analogue and for digital broadcasting (DVB-T, DVB-H and DAB). The antennas for these systems are usually set up based on the requirements for the specific receiver, and we also offer antennas for quick and easy coverage of certain areas with a digital signal.

Offered services within the STA area:

  • Measuring the availability and intensity of the signal.
  • Installation of distribution lines, antenna stands and antennas.
  • Setting the level of signals and tuning of receivers to ensure maximum reception.
  • Directional control of TV, SAT and FM antennas.
  • Repairs and regular maintenance, elimination of malfunctions.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

CCTV camera systems enable visual control and monitoring of guarded areas and therefore fulfil the function of both a security and a monitoring system. CCTV captures images in a selected location and ensures their transmission and display to staffed stations. The obtained recording is used to examine risk situations and can also serve as evidence. A CCTV system is an ideal addition to an electronic security system, with which it forms an important whole primarily for reducing damage to property and increasing personal security.

We ensure the following in relation to CCTV systems:

  • Complete processing of technical offers and variants of solutions for particular premises.
  • Selection of the best system for recording and processing images.
  • Installation, including configuration of all components.
  • Compatibility and integration with other security systems.
  • Remote supervision via LAN/WAN.
  • Service and maintenance of the camera system.

Fibre-optic networks

Due to the increased demands for transmission speed and its quality, digital systems are now already regularly deployed, and fibre-optic networks are used for their transmissions. Since these make it possible to achieve high transfer speeds and have sufficient capacity both for the present and for the future, it is necessary to take advantage of fibre optics for data transfer. Fibre-optic cables are the optimal choice not only for connection of computer networks, telephone exchanges and cable television, but today they are also essential for security systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV and more.

We can ensure complete implementation of fibre-optic networks. Our technicians are equipped with the most modern equipment for laying, terminating, repairing and measuring fibre-optic cables.

Our optical network services include:

  • Preparation including project documentation.
  • Assistance during negotiations with owners of sites and land, handling of easements.
  • Installation of fibre-optic cables, including assembly and measuring of transmission systems.
  • Termination and connection of fibre-optic cables using a certified welder of fibre-optic cables.


Systems for joint production of electricity and heat.
Energy saving – Energy Performance Contracting (EPC).

Lumismart equipment uses patented technology and is intended for most forms of fluorescent lighting, where it provides an immediate reduction in energy consumption by up to 30%. Lumismart is automatically configurable and works both in 50 Hz and 60 Hz systems as well as with 100 V, 120 V, 230 V and 240 V. The programs are optimised for various types of lighting.

Installation of LED technology

For most of our clients, savings in energy consumption are crucial. Today's LED technology is unique due to its flexibility and offers a large selection of angles, emission colours, lighting effects, etc. Installation of LED lighting can provably lead to 22% less energy consumption.

Our services include:

  • Solution proposals, including energy saving estimates.
  • Installation and servicing of LED lighting.
  • Testing operation and subsequent evaluation.
  • Service and regular maintenance.

Co-generation units

Co-generation units are highly sophisticated technological devices intended for joint production of electricity and heat. This involves the combination of a combustion engine, generator, heat exchange systems and control systems, which make it possible to manage units both locally and remotely via a PC, the internet or a mobile phone.

In the co-generation unit, electricity and heat are produced together. The heat generated during electricity production is used effectively, and therefore it is often not necessary to have another source of heating. The result is optimisation of costs for electricity and heat. A condition for the deployment of this technology is heat consumption at the installation location of the co-generation unit. Excess electrical energy can be supplied directly into the distributor’s network.

In the area of co-generation, we offer:

  • Proposal, installation and implementation of the co-generation unit into operation.
  • A proposal for the method of financing necessary investment costs.
  • Training of the co-generation unit operators.
  • Service of the co-generation unit and regular maintenance.


  • Assembly work for the train security system on Prague Metro line B within the scope of the project for a Comprehensive Security System for the Prague Metro
  • Assembly work on fibre-optic connections of signalling equipment during the construction of the Blanka tunnel
  • Central dispatch workplace (CDW Prague) – centralisation of management and control of security equipment
  • Additions and adjustment of the infrastructure of the system for managing city traffic for the Technical Administration of Roadways of the Capital City of Prague
  • Renovation of Pilsen Railway Station (low-current and communication systems)
  • Renovation of Řetenice Railway Station (low-current and communication systems)
  • Increase in capacity on the Nymburk - Mladá Boleslav 2 railway line (low-current and communication systems)
  • Modernisation of the Rokycany - Pilsen railway line – construction of the Ejpovice Tunnel – installation of FM and GSM-R
  • Stationary part of the continuous automatic train control – test track system at Depo Zličín, complex security system
  • Modification of the GSM-R radio system, installation of a coaxial cable
  • Equipment of railway vehicles of the Railway Administration mobile part of ECTS
  • Reconstruction of Railway station České Budějovice
  • Reconstruction of the dispatch building of Railway station Prague hl. n.
  • Optimization of the track section Prague Hostivař - Prague hl. n, II. part
  • Optimization of the track section Mstětice (outside) Prague Vysočany (including)
  • Supply of fibre-optic connections for the ASDŘ system within the scope of construction of new stations on the Prague Metro A line
  • Assembly and delivery of low-current systems for accessibility for disabled persons at the Anděl metro station
  • Assembly and delivery of low-current systems for accessibility for disabled persons at the Roztyly metro station
  • Assembly and delivery of low-current systems as part of the replacement of escalators
  • Modernisation of escalators 256 - 258 in Karlovo Náměstí station, modernisation of the entrance hall – assembly and installation of low-current systems
  • Modernisation of the escalators in Anděl station – assembly and installation of low-current systems
  • Modernisation of Jinonice metro station – assembly and installation of low-current systems
Motol University Hospital
  • Supply of PACS diagnostic stations for KZM
RCD Pardubice
  • Installation of a glowing cable in the areas between the metro stations (Dejvická – Nemocnice Motol), part of the network
  • TSM, a commercial system for the public mobile phone network of carriers in the frequency range of 800-2100 MHz in stations, tunnels and other areas of the metro (route V.A)
  • Establishment of a telecommunications system in the Prague metro ensuring coverage in the stations and tunnel sections of the Prague metro with a GSM, UMTS and LTE signal in frequency bands 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz for an association of operators
  • Installation of a radio system in the new NEXEN plant
Telefonica Czech Republic, a.s.
  • LAN administration services for the Czech Ministry of Agriculture
National Library of the Czech Republic
  • Complete implementation of electronic security systems, fire alarm systems and ACS, fibre-optic networks, structured cabling, CCTV
  • Delivery of active elements (Cisco)
  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
STRABAG Rail a.s.
  • Extension of the Benešov railway station underpass
VODA Želivka, a.s.
  • Modernization of data networks in the area of the central water plant Želivka
Prague Public Transport Company
  • Delivery of monitoring workplaces for CCTV
  • Repair of metallic cables
  • Repair of dispatch stations
  • Delivery and repair of fire alarm and electronic security systems
  • UPS servicing
  • Delivery of active elements
  • Repair of power supply for data switchboards and ticket vending machines
  • Repair of the access system in Altex surface locations
  • Adjustment of beacons for the blind
  • Installation of AIS panels
  • FM reconstruction
  • Renovation of ticket vending machine connections in the metro system
Vegacom a.s.
  • Installation of fibre-optic cables in all stations and tunnels between stations (project for completion of Prague Metro line A), within the scope of expansion of the fibre-optic connection systems of the city fibre-optic network managed by the Technical Administration of Roadways of the Capital City of Prague
Technical Administration of Roadways of the Capital City of Prague
  • Mapping of LAN in operating locations
  • Electrical review of server rooms
  • Supply of WiFi (Enterasys)
  • Administration of fibre-optic networks within the Prague Metro
Charles University in Prague
  • Ensuring servicing of the CCTV system in the premises of the Institute for Language and Professional Preparation in Prague, Poděbrady and Mariánské Lázně
Černý Most store

In cooperation with CENTR GROUP a.s., we provide servicing in these areas:

  • Electronic security systems
  • Electronic fire alarm systems
  • CCTV (closed-circuit television)
  • ACS (access system)
  • Evacuation broadcasting system
  • Establishment of a parking system in the garages of the shopping centre
Prague Water Management Company
  • Kyje junction node - electronic security system, connection to the central monitoring station
  • UPS - Ládví I pumping station, Prague 8
  • Nedvězí ancillary wastewater treatment plant – security for the wastewater treatment plant, electronic security system, CCTV
  • Study and design of a new communications network
  • Alternative sources of electrical energy of the pumping station Vypich
  • Reservoir Novodvorská
  • Central water plant Podolí
T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
  • Fitting and removal of telecommunications equipment in the Prague metro
  • Fitting and construction of Fibre Optic Equipment Rooms in the Prague metro
Kolektory Praha, a.s.
  • Repair of the dispatcher connection of the Mě – Pe collector
  • Repair of the optical switchboard and route for the Modřany K1 collector
Cross Zlín, a.s.
  • Intelligent transport system in Hradec Králové - LoRa
Pražské vodovody a kanalizace, a.s.
  • Operation of the radio communication network
Ministry for Regional Development
  • Reconstruction and expansion of the electronic fire alarm system
  • Reconstruction and expansion of the electronic security system
  • Reconstruction and expansion of emergency lighting
  • Reconstruction and expansion of the intercom system
  • Installation of the evacuation broadcasting system
  • Migration, analysis of measuring and regulation switchboards
  • Replacement of UPS in area H
  • Repair of the BOILER ROOM camera system
  • Post-warranty servicing of the electric fire alarm system in buildings Z1, Z6, Z7 and C0107c
  • Increase in security for external entrances
  • Delivery and assembly of multi-sensor IP cameras
  • Delivery of installation and activation of a microwave link
  • Reconstruction of audio video technology in classrooms 1, 2
  • Reconstruction of the electronic fire alarm system and evacuation radio system, expansion of data distribution, object N4 dormitory
Na Homolce Hospital
  • Servicing and delivery of active elements (Enteraysys, Cisco, HP)
  • LAN administration
  • Building a new fibre-optic backbone network for the entire hospital
  • Delivery and assembly of low-current equipment (security systems, CCTV, fire alarm systems and entry-control systems) within development of multi-section operating facilities
  • Deliveries, fitting and activation of a Wi-Fi network for the whole hospital
  • Delivery, configuration and activation of S4 Extreme Networks
Institute for Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery
  • Modernisation of the radiology department (RDG)
European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany
  • In cooperation with Techniserv and Euromicron as the top clients, we have performed installation of the complete data infrastructure of CCTV and security systems in the building of the former central bank in Frankfurt
Skanska a.s.

During the completion of metro line A:

  • Complete delivery and installation of radio networks – installation of a glowing cable in all stations and in the tunnels between stations
  • Controlling and signalling of the Prague Metro’s protective system at Dejvická station
  • Repair of the station control centres for the Metro Protection System - Florenc B, Křižíkova, Invalidovna, Palmovka and Českomoravská metro stations for Prague Public Transport Company
PREdistribuce a.s.
  • TR Malešice – repair of electronic security system and entrance control system
  • TR Střed – oprava electronic fire alarm system
  • Pilot part of electronic security systém TR Letňany
  • Repair of electronic security system and entrance control system TR Chodov
Aldrov Resort
  • Kompletní dodávka silnoproudých a slaboproudých rozvodů včetně projektové dokumentace
  • Replacement of escalators, revitalization of Jiřího z Poděbrady station


Integrated management system policy

Gating Services a.s. provides its customers with services focused on project planning, the supply, installation and service of technological, telecommunications, information and security systems, fibre-optic and data networks. It also focuses on development and installation of telecommunications equipment and supply and assembly of low-current and high-voltage installations.

Our objectives:

  • To achieve high quality of delivered services by following technological procedures, contractually agreed parameters, following the rules of economic competition and information protection principles so that our customers are fully satisfied.
  • To maintain a high level of professionalism of employees and their responsibility for their own safety and the company's property, thereby preventing possible occupational accidents and injuries. Consistently meet the requirements of applicable legislation, standards and related requirements.
  • Implement effective and preventive measures related to environmental protection with the aim of preventing the occurrence of undesirable situations and reducing negative impacts on the environment.
  • To prevent and prevent unethical, discriminatory and corrupt behavior by, among other things, education and active enforcement of ethical principles, regular training of employees and company associates in the area of awareness of risks, reports and consequences of violating anti-corruption rules, strengthening the moral integrity of employees and consistent protection of whistleblowers.
  • Minimize risks through their systematic identification and regular evaluation, increase the level of information security and constantly improve the effectiveness of company processes (including anti-corruption, ethical and anti-discrimination), IMS and provided services.

Compliance program

The company Gating Services, a.s. since 2021, it has a system for the prevention of criminal liability of legal entities, the so-called criminal compliance program. The company Gating Services, a.s. thus it meets the conditions for preventing the criminal liability of legal entities in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities and proceedings against them.



Gating Services a.s. was established in 2009 as a subsidiary of GiTy a.s. In 2010 it became independent and began focusing on the areas of ICT infrastructure, electrical installations and energy. In 2012, the company purchased the rights to use the JANUS brand, and under the name JANUS Elektro spol. s r.o. it created a company that carries out all types of assembly involving low-current installations, including qualifications for work on train tracks.


We are a reliable partner in the areas of information and communication technology and are always able to find optimum solutions and satisfy even above-standard customer requirements. We offer a wide range of services, from consultation and analysis in the areas of ICT infrastructure and security systems to delivery and development of low-current electrical installations and fibre-optic and data networks. All of this of course includes subsequent servicing. During our history, we have successfully realised a whole range of low-current installations and ICT projects. In 2014, we managed to exceed CZK 100 million in sales, and in the years to come we expect further growth.


The team at Gating Services a.s. consists of professionals with many years of experience in IT, telecommunications and electrical installations. Thanks to our experience, we are able to focus on projects from all possible angles and provide our customers with comprehensive solutions that respect current and future trends.

Career opportunities

We currently offer the following job opportunities:


Professional requirements:

  • secondary school with an electronics focus
  • professional qualifications in accordance with Decree No. 50/1978 Coll.
  • experience with laying structured cabling
  • experience in low-current electrical installation (CCTV, electronic security systems, electric fire alarms, ACS)
  • orientation in project documentation
  • problem solving skills
  • thoroughness and attention to detail
  • category B driving licence

We offer:

  • interesting work in a young team and dynamic environment
  • the foundation of a strong and stable company

If you are interested in the specified position, please contact us.


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